Welcome 2013


Hello 2013, I m so ready for the challenges that you prepared for me :)2012 has been pretty overwhelming on my part. From my journey in pregnancy,  my mom going in and out of the hospital and had a surgery just to save her life, online work  from foreign clients that is handful that sometimes made me sleepless just to please them and for me to save for the bills that is piling up, hormones raging because of the pregnancy that made me more emotional than before.

But I am glad that I surpassed all of that, it made me more strong in the sense that I know I CAN withstand everything that will come my way. My previous years have been a challenge from the marriage that I thought would be a lifetime partnership turned into a year of agony and suffering.  I tend to value relationships more than anything else so when that happened, I was really affected to the extent that I  lost a lot of weight and I was unfocused to all aspects of my life. But thankful that I found someone who lifted me up and now I am back on track.

I am not really into writing NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, but the heck, why not give it  try, right? Ill categorize it into PERSONAL, WORK, RELATIONSHIP, PARENTING, SPIRITUAL, SKILLS.


1. Ill try to be more organized (in the house/office)

2.Ill try to focus on one ask at a time and finish it of before jumping into the next task :)

3.try to schedule a day before all the tasks that needs to be accomplished for the following day.

4.stick to the plan/schedule.

5.If you can do it today then DO IT NOW! dont  wait for an hour or two to accomplish it. TIME IS GOLD. Especially now that I have a lot of priorities.

6. make time for yourself at least an HOUR a day and stick to it. try to relax from all the complexities in life by pampering yourself. Do a mani or pedi, put some make up on, watch tv or dance to your favorite tune :)

7.Have an ample time to sleep and rest. Its your only way to RECHARGE


1.Schedule the tasks that needs to be done in a week and stick to it. Have an ample time for work and try to balance work from family and yourself.

2.make an Excel spreadsheet and record everything you have worked on in a day per client.

3.Update them with what you’re working on via email depending on their timezone. Do some adjustments.

4.Buy a wide Whiteboard and have your tasks written so that you wont forget anything to be done in a day.


1. Make Sundays a time for my kiddos. Shop. Eat out. Play.

2.Be firm with my decisions especially with regards to Keisha.

3.Schedule the tasks/to be done for the following day.

4. When Khalil is asleep, try to do some chores by multi tasking.


1.Go to Mass every Sundays.

2.Manage to pray the Rosary every night

3.Teach Keisha to pray every night before going to bed


1. Research for articles and videos that will help me hone my Virtual Assistant skills.


3. Learn ONE SKILL a month

Ill try my very best to do ALL of that. Wish me luck! ;-)

How about you? Have you done something like this to make you stay focused? Drop me a line and share your thoughts. Have a Great year ahead!



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