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I have been working as a Virtual Assistant specializing in Social Media for 3 years already. Being a Freelancer is not an easy job at all. They might think staying all day in a front of the computer, typing all their way just to please the Clients is so easy. It is much more harder when you have a family and have small kids  (Just like me :), I have an 8 yr old daughter and an 8 month old son )

The truth is, landing a “decent” job is painstakingly hard.  I even started at $1 per hour. Grabbed the spot just to gain experience. My first task was to post in a Forum. I did my very best eventhough the project is only part time. I continued taking tests in Odesk just for me to add my application slots and so as with Elance. Just had my real gig early 2011. I was overwhelmed with the pay when I bid for a much more higher rate than my usual. It came to the point where I had a handful of Clients and was overwhelmed who to work for first. There came to a point where I had sleepless nights just to really please them for I was afraid for the negative feedbacks. 🙂

I am challenged with tasks that I am not familiar yet. I make sure I learn that through research and luckily I learn it with ease. Google is my BEST FRIEND for I used that to look for answers to simple or complex questions, for tools that will make my job as a VA easier. In this profession, YOU MUST NOT STOP LEARNING and looking for other skills that may help you be successful in this field. There are a lot of FREELANCERS all over the World so everyone is your competitor.  Make yourself the MOST QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL for the job your are applying.

Thankful enough, Ive had and still have Good Clients who TRUST me with their business. 🙂 Oh, I JUST LOVE THEM! 😉 I also thank God for still giving me prospective clients and for giving me the gift of knowledge and creativity. Maybe this is my purpose in life, to serve people with their Business and Small Companies who is just starting to be successful in their Industry.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading my page! Looking forward to work with you soon.

xox Marj


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